Calzaturificio ABA - Scarpe per Neonati ABA Style
Shoe Factory ABA Baby shoes for kids – made in italyABA trademark is one of the most prestigious guarantees of Italian style in a field as unique and refined as that of children’s shoes.

Our baby shoes express all the experience and crafty passion which have always been inspiring ABA’s founders: Mr and Mrs Fiorani.
Our shoes witness how just going back to ancient professionalism, along with a stubborn pursuit of perfection, allow ABA to create a one and only product, a little work of art, an ABA baby shoe.

Founded in 1983 as a specialized workshop, strictly traditional for baby shoes, ABA has been cooperating with the most renowned brands of Italian fashion since 1990. Our skilled craftmen and our clever collaborators along with the designs of great stylists are all shaped so that they can welcome with grace and style the delicate feet of new-born babies.

Calzaturificio ABA - Scarpe per Neonati History
Shoe Factory ABA Baby shoes for Kids  Italian StyeSince ancient times, the area in the South of Romagna, with Lugo, Fusignano and Bagnacavallo, has been known for the skills of its craftsmen in hand-made shoe production. Poor work shoes, which were still comfortable and strong, were being produced: leather sandals, cloth slippers, wooden clogs. All the materials were natural, while professionalism was being shared between very few families and passed on from father to son.

Then there was the 1950s economic boom , the strong innovative push and the industrial re-birth- all of these events changed this area in one of the most flourishing industrial boroughs in the shoe-industry, There was a huge increase in shoe-industries along with the birth of many phase-factories (producing boxes and uppers) and factories producing grains and rubber soles for shoes.
Shoe production became a school for professionals belonging to everyone.

In such an extraordinary and ever growing environment Luigi Fiorani and Rosa Conti were born and raised. The life and professional paths of Rosa and Luigi had already crossed during the years. But in 1983 the two decided to join their experiences and their common ambition to found what would become one of the most prestigious workshops specialized in the traditional production of baby shoes- the one and only in the Romagna area.

Calzaturificio ABA - Baby shoes Made in italy Calzaturificio ABA - Baby shoes Made in italy Calzaturificio ABA - Baby shoes Made in italy Calzaturificio ABA - Baby shoes Made in italy

The idea which has been leading Rosa and Luigi was that of getting back the ancient skills in order to create a unique product, whole handy-crafted, which is able to stand out from the great numbers of industrial production. What better destination, than, for such a precious product, other than the delicate foot of a baby?

In 1987 ABA lab started completely reproducing baby shoes by itself, not leaving the production of uppers to a third party anymore.
Mr and Ms Fiorani gathered a group of young workers to teach them how to perfect their special skills in order to craft such an exclusive product as baby shoes.
Thanks to Mr. Fiorani’s inventiveness and the help from expert stylist, ABA shoes has started its awesome collections, season after season. Such collection have been more and more successful through the years.
CERCAL Centro Ricerca e Scuola Internazionale Calzaturiera Distretto Calzature

Since 1990 we are partner of C.E.R.C.A.L. where we have the possibility to follow the newest styles, designs, colours for being always ready and update with the requests of the fashion worldwide Market.
Moreover we are present in the web site of DISTRETTO CALZATURE where you’ll find all factories, firms, who made the history of shoes on this region from accessories to final product.

And the rest is today’s history.